AIP Co. Ltd.

Ensuring Quality and Safety in Medical Equipments

About AIP Co. Ltd.

Arman Ide Gostar Pars, is a leading importer of medical products in Iran that was established in 2001. We began by importing digestive, dialysis, and vascular products and have since become the main supplier of digestive medical supplies.


Endoscopy Accessories

Gastrointestinal Stents

Feeding Tubes

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Why Choose us?

Quality Guarantee

We prioritize the health of our patients by providing high-quality and up-to-date equipment to the healthcare system

Competitive pricing

We are dedicated to providing our loyal customers with the best pricing possible, while remaining committed to our customer-centric values

Wide Range of Products

We provide essential medical equipment for hospitals and medical centers across Iran, specializing in gastroenterology

Experienced staff

We've brought together the best and most experienced team to deliver unparalleled service and elevate knowledge for our customers and healthcare centers

Our notable Customers

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